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Carry-On Trailer 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Trailer

Carry-On Trailer 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Trailer

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Introducing the Carry-On Trailer 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Livestock Trailer: Your Reliable Companion for Safe and Efficient Livestock Transportation!

Are you in need of a dependable and spacious trailer for transporting your valuable livestock, whether it's cattle, sheep, pigs, or goats? Look no further than the Carry-On Trailer 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Trailer. Designed with precision and care, this trailer ensures the comfort and safety of your animals during transit. With its open top design, durable 2x8 treated wood floor, and sturdy walls, it's the ideal solution for a variety of livestock transportation needs.


Open Top Design for Optimal Ventilation: The open-top construction of this trailer promotes excellent ventilation, reducing the risk of heat stress for your animals. They'll stay comfortable and calm throughout the journey.

2x8 Treated Wood Floor: This trailer boasts a highly durable 2x8 treated wood floor, capable of securely holding and evenly distributing the weight of your cargo. Should it ever require replacement, the process is simple and cost-effective.

Curb-Side Door: Providing convenient access to the front of the trailer without the need to pass through the rear gates, this feature ensures hassle-free loading and unloading.

Double Rear Gate: The double rear gate offers versatility and ease when it comes to transporting your livestock. Whether you're heading to a market, farm, or show, this trailer guarantees safe and efficient transportation.

Solid 24-Inch Sides: The trailer's solid 24-inch sides add an extra layer of security, keeping your animals comfortably contained during transit.


Color/Finish Family: This trailer features a striking red finish, which not only adds a touch of style but also enhances visibility and safety.

Dimensions: With a 6-foot width and 12-foot length, this trailer provides ample space for your livestock.

Ball Size: The 2-inch ball size ensures compatibility with most towing setups.

Load Capacity: Boasting a remarkable load capacity of 4,800 lbs., this trailer can accommodate a range of livestock sizes and quantities.

Coupler Size: The 2-inch coupler size offers a secure connection to your towing vehicle.

Tire Size: Equipped with 15-inch tires, this trailer provides stability and smooth handling on the road.

Height: Standing at 12 feet in height, this trailer offers sufficient headroom for your livestock to move comfortably.

Weight Rating: With a weight rating of 3,500 lbs., you can trust in the durability and sturdiness of this trailer.

Axle: The 3,500-lb axle ensures the trailer's stability and reliability on the road.

Ramp: While this trailer doesn't include a ramp, its double rear gate more than compensates for ease of loading and unloading.

Floor Material: The treated lumber floor guarantees longevity and support for your cargo.

Rear Door: The double rear gate is a standout feature, making it a breeze to load and unload your livestock.

Side Door: Offering an additional point of access, the side door enhances convenience.

Lighted to DOT Specs: This trailer is designed to meet DOT specifications, ensuring visibility and safety during nighttime or low-light conditions.

Street Legal: Fully compliant with street legal requirements, you can confidently hit the road with your livestock.

Number of Interior Lights: Although it does not include interior lights, the design of the trailer ensures safety and comfort for your animals.

In conclusion, the Carry-On Trailer 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Livestock Trailer is the ultimate solution for all your livestock transportation needs. Its robust features, superior craftsmanship, and thoughtful design make it a top choice for farmers, ranchers, and anyone in need of secure and efficient transportation for their animals. Whether you're taking your livestock to a market, farm, or show, trust in the reliability and safety of this exceptional trailer. Make your journey worry-free and comfortable for your animals with this outstanding Carry-On Trailer.
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